Top 10 Income Tax-Free Cities for Real Estate Investing


Real estate investors must face the reality of tax responsibility. There are ways you can decrease your tax burden, such as a 1031 exchange, but the case for investing in states without income tax can have its benefits. Which states are income tax free? Before discussing specific cities, it’s worth mentioning the states where income […]

How to buy Investment Properties


10 Basic Steps for Beginners Getting into the real estate game and buying your first investment property is exciting, and a little scary, but it is the first crucial step in taking control of your financial future. It will create the first stream of passive income, which will cover part of your living expenses so […]

25 House Flipping Tips from the Pros


Here are 25 house flipping tips you should know: 1. Be Conservative with Your Budget When flipping houses it is important to be conservative with your rehab budget, especially when you are a beginner investor.  Always leave a little buffer in your budget for unexpected things that might come up. When you start opening up […]

The Best Places to Fix and Flip Houses in 2022


Here is the 2022 list the city leaders in the house flipping market. 1. West Valley City, Utah Flipping houses in Utah can earn you an excellent salary as a house flipper. This state topped our list of top destinations thanks to a short turnover time, high homeownership rate, and low remodeling costs. On average, […]